Syed Jamaluddin likes to describe himself as a political commentator and author. Read his 'books', if you can get past the poorly written text and pidgin english, and you'll realise he's neither of these. Instead, he's a man without a profession desperately seeking attention, living in Germany having sought asylum, and funding himself through a series of financial fraud schemes which we will outline below.

Ultimately he is a typical small time fraudster with big dreams. He'd like to be the Wolf of Wall Street, but he's just the donkey of Karachi.

A resemblance in appearance and character

Monday, December 23, 2013

Testimony from Jamaluddin's Fraud Victims

Have a look at the emails below, which are a small selection of the growing numbers of firms that are coming forward who've been defrauded by Jamaluddin. You will see a pattern emerging. Some Email addresses have been censored to protect the firms involved, but the company names are included so you may look them up and contact them yourself.

We have yet to find a single example where a 'transaction' that involves Jamaluddin has been successful (well, they have been successful for him as he's swallowed the advance fees). The very nature of what he is offering is a transparent fraud - how can he possibly discount a cheque and provide finance based on just your corporate cheque and no collateral? It is evident from all we have seen that Jamaluddin has NEVER MONETIZED anything in his life. He is unable to provide any evidence to show that he has, despite all his grand claims.


Goldrock Global Trade (Singapore)
"We are a company based in Singapore in the name of GOLDROCK GLOBAL TRADE PTE LTD. Here is our story of being cheated by Syed Jamaluddin of Argo International Gmbh, Germany. We first received a marketing email from him dt- March 18, 2013. Then, someone called Rene Forbi talked to us as representative of Jamaluddin Syed. He introduced him to us directly. Jamal claimed that he has a provider capable of issuing SBLC from top bank of UK for USD 5 million in our bank acceptable format, on receipt of MT199 for his lease fee. That he can arrange the required message MT 199 from his firm ARGO International GmbH, on receipt of USD 15000 as MT199 issuing charges and within 2-3 days of the receipt of the funds the SBLC will be sent to our account. Thus, the contract was signed accordingly and the funds was remitted on 29-05-2013. Once, the funds was transferred he began showing his true colours.

He wasted more than 6 months, everyday telling new stories of issuance of SBLC. After, the contract was signed to issue the instrument from a Prime Bank within 2-3 days of the receipt of funds at his counter and the funds was sent to him with all documentary compliance he said after 2 weeks the instrument was already issued via KTT, which was obsolete long back. Then after a week he said us that the instrument will be issued shortly, and he again killed 3 months with new stories everyday saying the issuer is in contact with the bank. Then, finally the matter was dropped, as he accepted that he was not in a position to perform the contract and we started demanding the refund ever since. He again came up with another option saying that he will issue RSI SBLC of 25mil USD, within a day of your confirmation and will monetise the same, and we have to act only as custodian of SBLC. After confirmation of the same instantly, he passed another 2 months and asked us to meet some provider in Chennai, India. Finally, after meeting them they were again not in a position to perform because of their own issues. Also, the RSI bank instrument is not worth in rags. Finally, he again tried to give another option of Hard copy from RSI SBLC, which we were clearly, not interested in and closed any pending issues on 25 October, 2013 and he agreed to refund the funds within a week, which he again passed  3 months telling stories everyday and till date we have received a refund of USD 1310 only which he sent on 06 Dec, 2013 after repeated followup. 

Since, we had demanded refund he is only trying to find an excuse to cheat our funds and find a fault with us, which he has been unsuccessful. Finally, we got tired of following him up as it is a waste of time to do so. He is not in the intention to refund a single penny, instead he is threatening us to show court. It has also come to our knowledge that we are not the only one who has suffered and lured in his Ponzi schemes. There are a number of other people whom he has cheated. His modus operandi is similar in all transaction and is a clear case of advance fee fraud. He is a Professional Scammer, International Conmen, and a Petty thief.  We also came to know that he does not hold any valid license from the FSA of Germany. 

We have all the documentary evidence and written communication to support our story which can be sent upon demand. We are ready to cooperate in any manner which is required for remedial actions. This type of people are a menace to the society which hampers the international business environment from Germany’s perspective. He should be bought to justice to restore the faith of people in international business transactions. We must unite together to fight against this cheat who believes there is no one to bell him and not allow him to escape with our hard earned money."


Mirage International (India)
"He has taken USD 35 K in Cash from me and is also holding Two Corporate Cheques worth USD 10 M & USD 2 M respectively in Indian Rupees( Copies of which are included in this SCFA Contract).

The Original Hard Copies of the Cheques and SCFA Contract were signed and returned to Jamaluddin on the 26th of August, 2013.The USD 35 K Payment reached his Account with Volksbank, Germany, by the 3 / 4th of September, which details also, I am sending you vide the next mail.


The Time Frame mentioned and also mutually agreed for this initial Process and for the First Payout to be released to me, was a Max of 35 Days, from the Date of receipt of the USD 35 K Funds in Syed's Company Account.

The only thing what he has done, that too through the pressure exerted by me, was to provide me a copy of a PURPORTED BG FOR EURO 10 M FROM RSI BANK PLC, LONDON, IN FAVOUR OF MY COMPANY MIRAGE INTL. This BG for all purposes SEEMS FAKE / FORGED and the CREDIBILITY AND GENUINENESS OF THE COMPANY, RSI BANK PLC, is also in serious doubt.

As you are completely aware now, Syed Jamaluddin, has neither delivered on any of his promises rendered till date, nor his commitments towards his Contractual Obligations!

He has been lying to me, putting forth numerous stories and excuses to prolong the core issue and withhold payments to me, which, he should have done as a matter of routine.

He has also not returned either the Advance of USD 35 K and the Two Corporate Cheques taken from me for this supposed Transaction as a gesture of goodwill and decency."


Dostaan FZE (UAE)
"In brief he has taken $20,000 USD from us in 'up front fees' in order to 'facilitate' the discounting of our corporate cheque, which is to the value of 3.4million USD. Over the past six months he has made various excuses for failing to do so. When we have queried him or demanded truthful answers regarding his activities and repeated failures to fulfill his obligations, he has reacted aggressively, abusively and even made derogatory remarks against our religion and ethnicity.

On one occasion he has said the funds are available and has claimed to have sent them to our corporate bank account in UAE, but of course this was nonsense. He also tried to get us involved in what appears to be a suspicious 'server to server' bank transfer, which as far as I am aware is something only for internal banking management, and is otherwise known as a means of money laundering. He then demanded we sign a document providing him with power of attorney for a period of three months, and again assured us of the success of the transaction if we co-operate with his demands, which we did fully and at every stage. We have the email exchanges of all of this.

When all of his excuses were saturated, he then provided us with a copy of a Bank Guarantee from 'RSI Bank PLC' in London in our name, to the value of 10 million Euros.We have sent someone to physically go and check the address of this so called banking institution, and it does not exist. Our friend has taken a video of the offices where it claims to be located, and there is only a travel agent there. Our emails to the bank have resulted in no response, and instead our emails to the 'bank' have somehow ended up with Jamaluddin who has responded to us angrily for making inquiries.

In summary:
- He misappropriated the funds sent to him by us to issue MT199 for our Corporate Cheque.
- Our Corporate Cheque is still with him, despite demands from us to return it.
- He has told us our cheque has been discounted but has never provided us with any proceeds.
- He is holding a BG in the name of Dostaan FZE issued by RSI BANK based in UK again, but refuses to provide us with it, and the BG itself looks suspicious and fraudulent.

As per his own contract, if he is unable to provide the discounting service within 21 working days, the transaction is a failure. It has now been approximately six months, and yet he has refused to return our fees or our corporate cheque. We have suffered major financial losses as a result of his prolonged delays and failures to meet his obligations.

I have attached a copy of the contract he made us sign (, and below is a copy of the confirmation email from our corporate bank manager regarding the original transfer of funds to Jamaluddin.

It is my personal belief that this is nothing more than an advance fee fraud. Given the repetitive nature of his activity, and the many firms we have now come into contact with who have suffered the same experience at his hands, I believe Jamaluddin has never successfully discounted any cheque or provided any genuine financial service, nor does he have the ability or intention to do so."


> From: Wilfred Quiah <>
> Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2012 19:37:22 +0800
> Subject: CHQ of 10 Million.
> To: Pranab Biswas <>
> Cc:,, "Md. Nasim Uddin"
> <>,, Humayun Kabir
> <>
> Dear Mr. Pranab Biswas,
> Good day.
> Referring to all the communications we have had regarding the subject
> matter via Emails,telephone calls etc.; I would like to bring to your
> notice the following:
> EFE (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd., Singapore is project consultant of Green Bangla
> Communications Limited and representing a few finance companies in the
> world including
> Master Dynasty Limited of Hong Kong. You have approached us to provide Bank
> Guarantee to the tune of US$ 10 Million against 10+2% charges which is 10%
> for Bank Guarantee issuance charges and 2% commission for the provider and
> yourself.
> We, according to your advise have signed compliance documents and as per
> the procedure have Deposited a cheque of US$ 10 Million ( United States
> Dollars Ten Million) and send to Agro International GmbH., Germany to the
> attention of Mr. Jamaluddin Syed. The cheque has been issued
> to M/S. PLAM SQUIRE INTERNATIONAL SRL., (Romania) as per advise of you /
> Jamaluddin Syed/
> You have advised us that upon receipt of the compliance documents along
> with the cheque of US$ 10 Million as security, your associate will SWIFT
> the BG to GREEN BANGLA COMMUNICATIONS LTD., nominated beneficiary and to
> their bank coordinates.
> LIMITED for funding its project. GBCL is having relation with MDL, there
> is no relation between Mr. Jamaluddin Syed company and MDL. GBCL has
> completed all the formalities of what AGRO INTERNATIONAL INC / GMBH wanted.
> The BG has not been sent and as such the contract has been automatically
> become null and void. There is no need of discussing about it further.
> However, while reading the copy of the compliance document it is found
> that the Signature from Agro International is cut and paste while GBCL is
> properly done. The cheque has been notarized and given. The BG was suppose
> to be given by Agro International and your associate has asked for the
> cheque to be in the name of Palm Squire International - Romania. We have
> thought that in business it does happen.
> Now, talking to you and scrutinizing the email communications, it is
> evident that we have been hoodwinked by you / associate just to get
> the Cheque of US$ 10 Million from us. We are sure that the cheque has been
> misused and as such you / associate have committed a crime. We request you
> to return the cheque by next 7 days to Green Bangla Communication Limited.
> It has to be returned by secured courier services as it was sent.
> We, with this letter put you on notice that, should we don't receive the
> cheque, will result us contacting authorities in Germany, Romania,
> Bangladesh and the USA for investigation and also will involve
> other authorities that we think appropriate. We do reserve the right of
> lodging claim for financial damage upon ascertain how much loss has been
> incurred.
> Pleased to hear.
> Best regards.
> Wilfred Quiah MBA, Ph.D.
> Managing Director,
> EFE (S.E.A)Pte Ltd.,
> Singapore.
> Tel: 65 - 62422237

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